Address Ethical Issues


Core Commitments
The Office of the Vice President for Research has developed a set of Core Commitments for research conducted at the University of Minnesota. These Core Commitments represent our shared responsibility to protect research participants, uphold the highest ethical standards, and improve our practice at every step.

IRB Guidance for Protection of Human Research Participants
The University of Minnesota IRB has useful information related to ethical concerns, including recruitment, informed consent, and conflict of interest.

Center for Bioethics
The University of Minnesota Center for Bioethics offers courses and seminars in bioethics, as well as help with literature searches related to topics in bioethics.

Reporting a Violation

U Report
This reporting tool allows individuals to anonymously report research activities that may be in violation of the University’s policies or other laws, rules, and regulations.

Other Information

Additional resources for research ethics can be found through the CTSI research toolkit.

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